IMCL2023 9–10 November 2023, Porto Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

IMCL2023 9–10 November 2023, Porto Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

Submission Requirements

  • Paper must match the provided Springer template
  • Paper should not exceed the maximum page numbers given below (including bibliography and appendix)
  • Original, unpublished and not simultaneously submitted to other workshops, conferences, or journals
  • Please note that all papers are subject of a plagiarism check. We accept only papers with a similarity index of less than 20% and not more than 100 words per source. Correct citations are excluded.

Papers not meeting these guidelines risk rejection without consideration!

Current Phase

Upload of Camera-ready Papers
Submission of Competition Contributions

What to upload

Full Papers, Short Papers, WiP, Posters, Special Session Papers:
Upload: final paper (with authors' names) in PDF and WORD (or LaTeX source files in a zip archive) and the copyright form. Here are the template kits for Word and LaTeX. Please also refer to the Types of Contributions below.

For all those who are used to the procedure: the Springer CtP will be uploaded after the conference. You will be notified in time.

IMCL International Student Competition for Mobile Apps:
Submit: a text abstract of up to 500 words.

Where to upload

All files must be uploaded to the ConfTool® Submission Server. IMPORTANT: We work with the metadata that you submit along with your paper, so please:

  • The corresponding author must submit the contribution
  • Submit correct data:
    • correct spelling of authors' names in paper and metadata,
    • coherent spelling of authors' names trough all your papers if you have more than one
    • do not inverse first name/last name etc.
  • Observe the deadlines: Reference time for deadlines is the time displayed in Conftool!

Types of Contributions

  • Full Paper (length of structured abstract: 2 pages; length of complete version: 10-12 pages): Full papers are for mature work, requiring lengthy explanations of the conceptual background, methodology and data and analysis. Full paper submissions should state: (a) the major issue(s) addressed, (b) potential significance of the work, (c) the theoretical and methodological approach(es) pursued, (d) major findings, conclusions, implications, and (e) relevant scholarly references. Moreover, the relevance to the theme of the conference should be made clear. We also encourage papers that address conceptual issues in Mobile Technology and Mobile Learning research, and papers that help to set the programmatic agenda for the future of Mobile Technology and Mobile Learning research.
  • Short Paper (length of structured abstract: 1 page; length of complete version: 6–8 pages): Short papers are for work that makes significant contributions, but of smaller scale, or that can be reported briefly. Otherwise, the same criteria apply as listed for full papers above.
  • Work in Progress (length of complete version: length: 6-8 pages): WiP submissions are for reporting on work that is still in the process of study and/or implementation for which results will not be available by the time of draft paper submission; papers submitted in this category must have titles beginning with the phrase, “Work-in-Progress: Title”.
  • Poster (length of complete version: 6-8 pages): Posters are for work that is in early stages and for novel and promising ideas. The poster should identify the aspect of the work that will likely lead to productive discussions with conference participants in a poster session, including figures exemplifying the visual support to be provided for these discussions in the poster.
  • Special Session Papers (length of complete version: 8-10 pages): Special sessions, held in parallel with the general conference, are an integral part of the conference. They provide researchers in focused areas the opportunity to meet and present their work and offer a forum for interaction among the broader community of technology-enhanced learning, and online engineering world-wide. Special sessions papers are required to meet the same standards as papers in the general conference and are published in the same conference proceedings. For more info please see the Call for Special Session Papers.
  • Round Table/Panel Discussion: It is a session organized as a ‘discussion panel’. The round table organizer first submits a proposal using the provided template . If the proposal is accepted, the coordinator invites at least 5 speakers. During the session the speakers first make short introductions on the discussion topic (for example, 5 or 7 minutes each) and then the discussion goes on with the audience also participating.
  • Workshop: The objective of a Workshop session is to bring together various research and development groups, to serve as a forum for establishing new collaborations, to attract both research results and work in progress, and to define main enablers and future challenges within a specific research domain. The workshop organizer submits a workshop proposal using the provided template.
  • Tutorials: A session of ‘tutorial’ format, with specific learning objectives for the participants (for example, to learn how a software/hardware tool operates). The tutorial organizer submits a proposal using the provided template .
  • IMCL2023 Doctoral Consortium (DC) (length of complete version: 8-10 pages): IMCL2023 DC will be organized as a special session, dedicated to DC Students as part of the program of the main IMCL2023 conference. During the Doctoral Consortium Special Session, each participant (i.e., PhD student) will have the opportunity to present ongoing research to the audience of the main conference by means of an oral presentation. IMCL2023 DC papers are required to meet the same standards as papers in the general conference and are published in the same conference proceedings. For more info please see the Call for Special IMCL2023 DC Papers.


If you have any questions concerning the preparation of your presentation please contact us via email:

Important Dates

29 May 2023Submission of Special Session proposals
15 Jun 2023EXTENDED
Submission of: (i) structured abstracts (for full papers, short papers) for the main conference
19 Jun 2023Notification of acceptance for abstracts for the main conference.
01 Aug 2023EXTENDED
Submission of:
(i) complete papers for all submission types
(ii) proposals for round tables, workshops, tutorials
24 Aug 2023Notification of acceptance
07 Sep 2023Late Paper and Doctoral Consortium submission
11 Sep 2023Late Paper and Doctoral Consortium notification of acceptance
20 Sep 2023Camera-ready due & author registration deadline
16 Oct 2023Submission for the 1st round of the competition
23 Oct 2023Notification of acceptance for the 2nd round of the competition
30 Oct 2023Team members registration for participation in the 2nd round of the competition
09 Nov 2023IMCL2023 Conference Opening


Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos,
IMCL General Chair
Michael E. Auer,
Steering Committee Chair

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